How do we work at North Hill Gardens?

Whether you have a roof top garden, or a plot covering many acres – we are specialists in providing a comprehensive, in-house service from start to finish. We typically undertake projects which can range in value from £20,000 for small gardens up to £300,000 and above for large gardens and commercial projects. We offer our clients three different packages, which allow them to find the service best suited to them. These packages consist of design only (Bundle 1), design and build (Bundle 2) or design, build and maintain (Bundle 3). To help explain what’s included in each of these packages, we created a comprehensive company guide. The guide is also helpful in giving clients an idea of our fees for both design and construction. Our design process can be briefly described below.

Our design process


Let’s get to know each other!

Before we can get started on your project, we need to get to know each other! An initial consultation allows us to discuss how we can help. We discuss all of your requirements, aspirations and ideas. From our side, we discuss the design process, our timescales and give you an idea of our design and construction fees.


Contract acceptance

Once you’ve decided on the best course of action, we can then send you the right documents to complete the contract. We require a deposit for all projects which secures your position within our queue, this is £500 +vat for Bundle 1, £1500 +vat for Bundle 2 and £2000 +vat for Bundle 3.


Pre-design details

Shortly before we get started on the design, our architects will visit your garden to complete a survey of the site. We also like to clarify your expectations and construction budget during this meeting. After this, we create a catalogue of all of this information ready for the start of the design process.


Design fee

Once we are ready to begin designing, we will issue for the next instalment of the design fee. As you can imagine, the bigger/more complex a project is, the higher the design fee. Therefore, our design fee is calculated as a direct proportion of your construction budget.


Drawing time!

Our architects then get to work designing your project. The time this takes varies depending on the size of your project. Our comprehensive process consists of many stages, including: research, conceptual development, 3D modelling, creation of planting scheme, fabrication of a catalogue of technical documentation and crafting a set of 3D visuals.


Design presentation

Once the design is complete, we then like to meet with you to carry out a full presentation of our design. This normally takes place at our studio where we have a range of specially configured facilities, including a large screen, and an extensive collection of material samples for us to refer to.


Ongoing dialogue

After the presentation, there is often a lot to consider! At this point, we work closely with you to answer any questions you might have regarding the design, and make any changes that are required, as well as agreeing on final material selections and planting arrangements.


Construction contract and design fee evaluation

Once you are happy with the final design for your garden, we then produce a final quotation which details exactly what work will be completed and how much it will cost. After this is agreed, our team works to get everything prepared and ready for construction. If your construction budget has increased from what was originally agreed, there will then be an additional instalment of the design fee.


The build begins!

When your pre-booked construction slot commences, we can start building your garden! The biggest benefit of using our end-to-end service is that we take care of all of the hard work. This includes sourcing materials, organising the construction teams and project managing your build. This means you can sit back, relax and watch your new garden come to life.


Project handover

Once your outdoor space has been built and planted, we complete a handover with yourself. This includes a completion visit with your architect and a photo session with our photographer. If you have booked a Bundle 3 package, we can then start providing ongoing maintenance in order to keep your garden looking its best.

Project handover

Our design, construction and maintenance services can be booked in advance and secured with a deposit. Our Company Guide can provide you with further information on our services – just click the link below! Our contact form then allows you to then drop us a quick line, or feel free to give us a call for an informal chat.